House doings

After my parents, the turbo-workers, went back home to Richland, Telfer started his job and obviously does not have as much time to work on the house. Telfer, Cate, Elizabeth and Henry are still staying with Chris and Mendy. Have I mentioned how happy we are to live closer to family?

Weekends plus two unexpected days off have actually helped immensely and Telfer has been getting so much done. He is so good about taking and sending pictures so I am not out of the loop. Even though our plans have changed somewhat (!), we are both kind of relieved I am so Type A. I had almost every paint color picked out in advance and most of the new light fixtures for downstairs already ordered. And, from my hospital room, I can still help Telfer decide on placement of furniture and other little things. I just wish I could help!

The downstairs is really coming along. Dad put up the chandelier for us right before they left. I am thinking you either love this or think it looks like a giant spider on the ceiling. Predictably, we fall in the love it category.

light fixture – it's a statement!  

After stripping it (not fun), Telfer finished painting the door orange. I am in love with the color. Can you picture pumpkins on our porch in the fall? I can…

Front door closeup

We wanted a robin's egg blue in the entry to really brighten the space and I think we got our wish. The rainy, gray Olympia days will be a little brighter now? 

Entryway coming together

Our belongings from New York finally arrived late Saturday night. Telfer directed the movers and has been arranging furniture. The floors are giving me fits though. See the carpet/rugs? The previous owners actually stained the floors AROUND the rugs but not the floor UNDERNEATH the rugs. Wha? So, we can't really go without them as the floors are a very different color. Oh well. We'll refinish the floors and invest in rugs at at some point down the line.

NYC stuff arrived!

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7 thoughts on “House doings

  1. Seriously- how does one go about staining around a rug? It seems like even more work. Sorry for you guys but am loving the orange door and blue entry. I can invision myself visiting you at this house. love you.


  2. anna – you are welcome all the time.
    cristina! how are you?? the chandelier is pottery barn – not a very usual pb item though!


  3. LOVE the orange door. And everything else, too. Great decorating from afar! Can I use you as my consultant when we buy? Anna, let’s go together. I’m thinking road trip in October??


  4. The hardwood flooring looks amazing! I do hope that you’ve had your floor re-furnished so that everything would really fit in perfectly. As it is, the pieces of furniture in that last picture look nice with floor.


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