32 Weeks

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32 week mark = relief.

I am not sure why I try to plan anything at this point but we are trying to pin down dates for a scheduled c-section, mostly to plan travel and days off for Telfer and then my mom. Sometime around 37 weeks but not the day of – September 11 is not my idea of a good New York birth day for my little Jane.

My doctor, who is charming by the way, thinks 37 weeks is a realistic goal. I also talked to a NICU-resident yesterday who gave me hope that we could travel with a small infant relatively quickly. All good news. Hope.

In other notable days, tomorrow marks my sixth week in prison, I mean the hospital. I have not been outside in SIX weeks. To elaborate on the prison theme, does anyone remember Steve Buscemi in Con Air? A truly horrible movie but my skin is starting to look very similar to his.

What else? Cate and Elizabeth went to Richland last weekend to hang out with my parents and Alyssa and her girls. As evidenced in the picture above, Cate loves the spudnut. Good Richland girl!

Telfer and Cate and I have skyped twice already today – Telfer gave me a tour of the house by walking the laptop around. If tables were turned, Telfer would have totally gotten seasick from the shaking camera. Fun to see Cate playing in her newly and beautifully painted room. Her hair is getting so long and she is saying so many new words (apple, happy, outside). You will never hear me complaining about the modern world.

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4 thoughts on “32 Weeks

  1. Oh, wheeled to the garden sounds rather “Secret Garden-ish”…
    Love the food and love adorable little Cate. I am hoping that there is hope for Claire to someday have hair…maybe? Would Cate consider a donation if necessary?


  2. My skin matches yours – but that prob doesn’t help. I believe the “Wintergarden” has been closed for construction for her whole stay otherwise a “garden pass” would be possible…


  3. I thought the same thing as RaChelle…sercret garden. 🙂
    I am SO thankful for Eleanor and all she has done to help you. Your attitude and wit are amazing and you make me laugh.
    Congratulations on making it to 32 weeks–that is huge! I love you so much and hope your day is blessed.


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