Birthday Week

new countertops!
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Really, my 32nd birthday could not have been any better (besides the minor bit about being in the hospital and separated from my darling girl).

Six specific good birthday things (but so many more little things like phone calls and cards – thank you to everyone):

1. Telfer was here the weekend before my birthday and this time he stayed for three nights rather than one. A very generous friend in the Olympia church donated his frequent flier miles to us and we could not be more appreciative. We watched two movies in one night which for parents, is an unbelievable luxury (picture us in a hospital bed huddled around an iPAD). Our time together felt long enough this time and I wasn't so weepy when he left.

2. A few days before Telfer's arrival I told my doctor that I absolutely HAD to go outside. Seven weeks is a long time to go without fresh air. On Sunday morning she told us we could have a 2-hour "lobby pass" that turned into brunch at a wonderful restaurant in Fort Tyron park (about 20 blocks from the hospital). Whoops! It was so strange/wonderful to be outside with normal people although walking up a flight of stairs was almost too much for me. The weather was perfect, bacon was consumed, and I was with my favorite person.

3. On my actual birthday, Missy took advantage of the August recess and came up on the train from D.C. to spend the night. We had such a good time drinking tea, eating homemade muffins and talking, talking, talking. I really appreciate her and am so thankful for our friendship!

4. Telfer skyped with me on the morning of my birthday to reveal his other birthday gift: new countertops he installed himself! He managed to keep the whole thing secret by telling me he was working on another house project. Telfer is a famously horrific lier so I was so surprised he managed to not tip me off to his little devious plan. The countertops are beautiful – I love them!

5. Eleanor's birthday is one day after mine and we have probably spent the last 8 out of 10 birthdays together. Of course she had already bought her ticket to Washington so we could be together on our birthdays again this year. I am so glad she is in Olympia though – Cate loves her auntie. So Eleanor did the next best thing to her actual presence: she sent her friend Saloni (whom I like very much) up to the hospital bearing arepas. Nice.

6. And finally, my cup runneth over in terms of birthday presents. My pedicure was in a sad state so Telfer took pity on me and sent a nail person up to the hospital for an in-room pedicure. And yes, my toenails are blue. Apparently it's all the rage this summer (according to the nail person).

Originally uploaded by telfandrea.

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