someone is obsessed with coloring
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Gearing up for tomorrow. C-section is scheduled for 10:15 AM. Telfer flies into JFK on the red-eye about 6:00 AM. Pray for a smooth delivery.

I have been cranky and unable to concentrate (great combination) the last couple of days but finally, today I am able to relax and enjoy this last bit of time before Jane makes her arrival.

Going to watch a little Project Runway on my iPAD. Maybe rewatch Sunday's Mad Men episode (it was THAT good). Read a little New Yorker. Convince Eleanor to pick me up some chicken strips for dinner tonight. Yes, they are fried and yes, I am on bedrest which makes the idea of fried food even more gross. But it's my last night of pregnancy (and I mean the LAST NIGHT) so if I want fried chicken strips…

Cate update: check out the lower lip in this picture. It's like whole-body coloring. Elizabeth, the coloring queen (I think she won every coloring contest she ever entered – bikes, easter baskets, barbies, etc.), has been teaching her well.

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2 thoughts on “Tomorrow

  1. Oh, I will be thinking of you in the morning. Get some sleep. Before you know it, you’ll be back in high gear! So excited to welcome baby J!!


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