Dramatic Entry

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This may not be for everyone but I just wanted to write it down.

I threw several mini-fits the morning Jane was born. My nurse was annoying me mostly. She couldn't find the right IV. She wouldn't let me sleep until 7:00 AM even though the c-section was scheduled for 10:15 AM. She wanted me to change into a gross hospital gown at 5:30 AM. I said no.

Thankfully Telfer arrived from the airport by 7:00 AM and calmed me down. The OR was running ahead of schedule so by 8:00 we were already on our way upstairs. By 9:15 I was prepped and in the OR getting a spinal epidural. Telfer and Eleanor were able to stand back with the anesthesia and observe.

Weirdest experience of my entire life. Jane was literally pulled out of me at 9:45 AM. Hearing that first cry after all these months…Telfer and Eleanor went with the pediatrics people over to a different side of the room.

Things began to get dicey. This anesthesia tech who knows Telfer was trying to engage me in conversation about digital books of all things and I was not in the mood. I was starting to feel a lot of what the doctors were doing. Not good. Turns out I not only had complete placenta previa, but placenta accreta as well (placenta is abnormally attached to the uterine wall).

Finally, more anesthesia. Woke up in recovery almost 3 hours later. Lost a lot of blood requiring four blood transfusions and lots of other blood products. Spent more than 24 hours in the recovery area. I don't even want to talk about the pain control yet. Eleanor and Telfer took turns sitting by me. Jane, perfectly healthy, was being taken care of in the well baby nursery.

On Saturday afternoon, I went up to the high risk floor for a few hours and back down to my room later that evening. Sunday morning was the first time I got to hold my girl for more than two minutes. I immediately unwrapped her and checked her out. Such a beautiful girl.

So definitely no more babies for us! Telfer and I are so thankful for God's grace and protection. Pray for our transition home in the next few weeks.

Published by Andrea Y. Griffith

owner of browsers. former librarian. wife. mother to two tweens and the cutest labradoodle in the world.

6 thoughts on “Dramatic Entry

  1. Oh my gosh Andrea!! ugh! “feeling what they were doing???” Oh no! Poor Angrea! yikes! Thank God you made it through, Jane is ok, and you can be on your way to healing and strength! I’m so grateful Eleanor and Telfer were there for you! Safe travels home. Take it EASY now Andrea!


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