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After unpacking a trillion boxes, I saved a long-awaited project for near the end. Organizing my spices. I get excited by stuff like this. Our kitchen is a little odd in many, many places. The stove is basically in the middle of the room. The tile is horrendous but strangely, I am beginning to like it. The refrigerator is on the back porch. Just run-of-the-mill old house types of things, really.

Back to spices. There is a little shelf in the entrance to the kitchen that called out to me when we saw the house for the first time. I bet the previous owner filled it with random knickknacks (we tend to buy houses from little old ladies) but I thought – built-in spice rack. While in the hospital, I researched spice jars thoroughly. An agonizing process. I had a lot of time on my hands obviously. I decided on these spice jars from amazon and bought 24. I loved, loved the feeling of filling the jars and then dumping the original packaging in the recycle bin. Really, this was a case of one glass jar for another glass jar. But now they all match. Love it. I broke out the label maker (always such a pleasure) and Elizabeth affixed the labels onto the jar for me. I am not so good at uniform attachment. A fun project.

When Telfer has some free time (?) I want him to take good pictures of a few of our rooms and I'll post them. We have had such a great time getting settled into this house. I also want to show you the "charm" of our two bathrooms. Seriously, the upstairs bathroom is something else but we are finding it very functional at this point!

Up close
Originally uploaded by telfandrea.

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