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Telfer had a week of vacation last week. It was the perfect mixture of fun and getting.things.done. We just like to work on projects together. With the girlsies, we can't be as single-minded as we used to be but we are still a pretty good team. We managed to unpack the last few boxes, get rid of the boxes on craigslist, take multiple loads to Goodwill, take a huge load to the dump, clean out the carport (which was just embarrassing), hang curtains, fix the back door, and organize most of the closets. It was a joint effort.

On the weekend though, we played. We drove over the mountains this weekend to visit my parents. So fun. After nearly ten years of big, expensive trips to see family, a four-hour car trip is zippy in comparison. Cate and Jane did really well in the car and at my parents. Cate entertained us all weekend and had a great time playing with all of the new toys (dishes, play food!). We got a babysitter for Cate on Saturday and Mom & Dad took us to Prosser for a wonderful birthday lunch for Telfer and wine-tasting. We bought a few bottles here and here. And the best part? We get to see them again for Thanksgiving in a few short weeks.

P.S. Isn't this a great photograph? Telfer took these over the weekend at the little playground close to my parent's house.

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