How My Life Looks

How My Life Looks
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Pretty sweet, eh?

There are moments, or to be honest, hours when the sweetness is buried under frustration. The background noise of continual low-grade screaming. Mornings where four hours have passed and I am still in pajamas with unbrushed teeth and bedhead although I have not really sat down. Has anyone tried to get out the door with two kids? How do you do more than two?

But then Cate starts repeating all her loved ones, “Mama, Daddy, Jane, Henry, Auntie Liz, Mama, Daddy, Jane, Henry, Auntie Liz” and Jane gives me her adoring gummy smile and I am snapped back to the reality that my babies will not be babies forever. Or I get to go on a walk around Capital Lake with a new but very dear friend and we see a sunset that is just gorgeous and I thank God all over again for giving me this particular life with all its joys and complications.

PS – I am making cinnamon rolls in this picture. Smearing cinnamon butter into dough. It looks kind of gross unless you know what you’re looking at.

Published by Andrea Y. Griffith

owner of browsers. former librarian. wife. mother to two tweens and the cutest labradoodle in the world.

4 thoughts on “How My Life Looks

  1. Andrea – I see you in passing at church – but always I am herding my crew and unable to connect with you. My thoughts..
    1. Getting out the door with more than 2 kids (like, um, 4) requires advanced planning. I start getting ready to leave about 2 hours befoer we actually leave. I didnt even realize that is what I was doing till months into my 3rd child. Yes – 2 hours. Some of that is mental planning – and I try to have the diaper bag ready at all times to grab and go.
    2. The days are long, but the years are fast. babies turn to toddlers, who turn to beautiful 4 year olds, who grow up and suddenly are 9 1/2 and wearing a bra (shhhh). You are doing it righ t- enjoying every minute.
    3. Ok – I have always made cinnamon rolls by pouring butter, sprinkling brown and white sugar and then cinnamon. I thought of the Cinnamon butter idea a while back – but now that I see you – I will have to do that!! So much less messy!!!
    I will try and wave you down one Sunday…
    [Numbers 6:24-26] as you [Deut 4:7-9]!!!


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