One of those days

Cate's friends drying out from the wash
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When I walked into Cate's room this morning, I knew immediately that it would be an interesting day. Vomit all over the sheet, blankets and matted hair. Poor Cate! I am not sure she even called out to us when she got sick; if she did, Telfer didn't hear her from our room and I didn't hear her from the couch downstairs. I am sleep training Miss Jane – eating three times in the night was finally deemed excessive – we are down to eating once but endless pacifier-retrieval-missions are filling the hours.

Cate seems fine and was in good spirits all morning, especially once her hair was clean. Poor Mickey and Elmo! I must admit, I snickered while taking the above picture. Everything else dried in time for nap but Olivia and Mr. Mouse had to fill in the very important roles that Mickey and Elmo usually fulfill.

Jane also decided to add to the fun – she literally blew through three outfits in one hour. More laundry. I managed to get this picture of outfit #1 moments before it came off. A present from Grammy & Papa. Strangely, I have managed to stay in a good mood although I am a little afraid sickness will descend. Regardless, it helps that both girls are now napping at the same time in the afternoon. Mama needs a break!

Cuteness is killing me
Originally uploaded by telfandrea.

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6 thoughts on “One of those days

  1. Love JJ’s owl outfit. Can’t wait to hear your review on Toibin’s latest book. I might have to go find myself a copy and read along.


  2. I’m keeping my fingers crossed as well. Went to Target tonight and bought just about every sanitizer I could possibly think of…bathroom, kitchen, more laundry detergent (on load 7), clorox wipes, surface spray…a bit overload I totally realize, but I was on a roll…why stop? 🙂 However, the house smells immaculate…let’s hope it works.
    Adorable little owl outfit. So so sweet.


  3. I have smelled that smell…glad the friends recovered, praying the girls are better & everyone is healthy for the beach! Have fun!


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