Five Months & the State of the Griffith Household

five months
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Can you believe Jane (or JJ or Janie Jo) will be five months old on Thursday? I know, I can't believe it either. She is just the sweetest baby. Lots of smiles. She thinks Cate hung the moon.

After talking to anyone who would listen about our sleeping travails, I finally bought a $75 crib on craigslist and Jane has a little setup in the guest room. Our upstairs only has two bedrooms — the girls will share at some point — so we were just sort of moving Jane upstairs and downstairs from bassinet to bassinet depending on the time of day but it wasn't working out for her or me. And I was totally feeling guilty that Jane didn't have a dedicated space in the house. So most of this weekend was spent reorganizing baby stuff. Really fun actually.

finally! a crib for baby jane
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And then yesterday Telfer and I were sitting around having a glass of wine during naptime. I showed him a few pictures of living rooms that I liked and in two seconds we were rearranging furniture and now tonight we are headed to Home Depot to custom order rugs for our living room and dining room. We have so many fun ideas for our house! I love that we love doing this type of stuff together.

What else have we been up to?

  • Cate is so charming. She is still talking about going through the carwash on Saturday. Keywords: storm, scary, brave. She loves going on little adventures with Telfer or Grammy & Papa.
  • I joined Bible Study Fellowship at the beginning of January. This year's study is Isaiah. The bible study is so rich and deep and just what I need right now. Cate loves "Bible Study-Ship" to the point that she cries every time I pick her up. Jane is the lone dissenter as BSF is right during her morning nap…
  • My friend Sherry and I went to see Black Swan on Friday night. Oh my goodness. Scary but fabulous! Those costumes and the final scenes! I can't wait to see it again now that I know the trajectory of the story.
  • I just asked Telfer if he had any news and he gave me these two gems: He passed his Echo Boards and now doesn't have to take another test for ten years. Also, he now has to wear a hood over his beard in the OR. Anesthesiologist or fast food worker? I think the experience is souring him on the reality of facial hair. I will be so sad when he shaves…

telfer and his babies 3
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One thought on “Five Months & the State of the Griffith Household

  1. 1. I still can’t believe how beautiful your girls are. What sweeties!
    2. I’m so glad you are liking BSF–I was planning to join again next fall, but if I could be confident that I would get home from work before 8 pm (arg), I would go out and join right now. Maybe I should just do it anyway…


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