And Somehow it’s Thursday Already

putting pooh to bed
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Cate is really into putting Pooh to bed. And Jane is really into watching Cate put Pooh to bed. I love having two children! Cate was so hard to entertain when she was Jane's age but Jane is just completely enamored with her sister. I just set her in the bumbo or the bouncer in view of her big sister and Jane is happily entertained. Wonderful to watch.

Telfer had vacation last week and we had such a fun time together. We took the girls into Seattle to meet Aunt Liz (and the little girl she nannies for) at the Aquarium. We also stopped by Top Pot Doughnuts and Pike's Place Market.

Telfer spent much of the week working on our covered back porch area. It was pretty dingy and we are back there a lot – up and down the basement stairs, getting into the refrigerator, and coming to and from the house. It looks so much better:

Note: we found this photograph of this woman's [HUGE] face rolled up in one of the cupboards of our house. We couldn't resist framing it…and it makes me smile every time I walk up and down the basement stairs.

Chris & Mendy joined us for our big Oscar party this year and Telfer won $40. Beat all of us soundly! I even got to see The King's Speech the day before the Oscars (loved it).

Telfer's been back to work this week and today is the first day I am semi on top of things. You know it's time for a shower when you have worn the same workout clothes continuously for TWO runs (yesterday and today). I am really excited for this afternoon though. I have a sweet girl from our church coming to babysit Jane while I take Cate to the children's museum. It's literally our first outing together (alone) since I went into the hospital in June! About time, no?


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