Six Month Girl & Other Doings

the girls. i look slightly cowed.
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Jane is 6 months old today. She is enjoying a short morning nap and then off to the pediatrician for vaccinations! What a dubious way to celebrate! I am so excited to see how much see weighs though…We might even go crazy and break out the rice cereal for the first time tonight.

Telfer has had another strange schedule week and has been home for vast swaths of time. Luckily, we really like each other…He is now painting the hallway downstairs. We still have so much painting to do, especially upstairs.

Cate is over at Grammy & Papa's at the moment. So fun that they live close to us. Cate and I had a lovely time at the children's museum last week. We capped our afternoon out with a cookie at a nearby bakery. This week Cate has been calling us "Mom and Dad" instead of Daddy and Mama. Hello, aren't you supposed to be 2?

It's been such a nice week with my girlies! If only Jane would sleep a little bit more and scream a little bit less in the night… Here are a few things I wanted to share:

  • We just got this print in the mail for our kitchen. It's so specific and librarian-like. Love it. I am off to hunt up a frame today.



  • This video has been linked around the web quite a bit but it's so creative and makes me smile. Cate loves it too.



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