All the Girls

all the girls
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I realize this is the second picture of me and my girls that I have posted recently but I couldn't help myself…

We are having a happy influx of family in town – Claire & Nate, Nana, Eleanor this last week and now Alyssa, Eden, Cora, Neva and Mom & Dad starting tomorrow. All of the girls in my family are going to attend a baby shower for Karen Crane Harris in Puyallup and then Alyssa and her girls are going to stay on for a few days. We are hoping Neva can potty train Cate during their visit.

Jane weighs 11 pounds, 10 ounces and completely fell off the growth chart for a six-month-old. She doesn't look really gross and thin but…Time for solids!

Last Friday we went to Seattle to see Aunt Liz's new apartment and walk around her neighborhood. I LOOOVED both. So fun that she only lives an hour away. I am plotting when I can go next.

Here's a pretty classic video of Cate eating a donut right before church. I pretend to be low-key and Telfer fusses Cate the whole time. Makes me laugh.

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3 thoughts on “All the Girls

  1. Let me know how the “Neva Potty Training Plan” goes…maybe she could come down and help Alana…did I just say that out loud? PS: The coconut cream pie looks amazing and I don’t think I even like c.c.pie…also, video is quite classic… 🙂


  2. Love the pic. Glad you young girls are getting to see more of one another now that you are back in the northwest. Have a great time!


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