A Few Things

We (ahem, Telfer) repainted the entryway right before Alyssa and her girls came to town. The first color was a little too light, a little too beachy. This is so rich and warm and inviting. Perfect entryway color. Plumage by Martha Stewart. If you're interested, the Martha Stewart paint colors at Home Depot are fabulous (we get them color matched to behr paint however – shhhh).

I am really missing New York this week. Here's a picture to sigh over:

flatiron in spring

Specifically, I am missing three things, well four after really looking at the photograph. Spring. Eleanor. Anna Karenina book events (with Eleanor). Cheese.

Eleanor went to the Thalia Book Club last night at Symphony Space (10 blocks from our apartment). Last night was a discussion of Anna Karenina featuring the authors Jennifer Egan, Siri Huvstedt, and Margot Livesy. We went to the same event last year together but the book was Middlemarch. Eleanor live-texted me through the event, mostly to tell me the fabulous things that Siri Huvstedt said (who has a wonderful speaking voice and says the most opinionated, intelligent things). Sigh again. 

But seriously the cheese is what's killing me now. I became very, very spoiled in New York. I went to Murray's –the best cheese shop in the world — more than it was good for me. And also the normal grocery stores in New York literally have 1000% more cheese than Trader Joe's in Olympia. The main catalyst for the cheese longing is this blog post about creating the perfect cheese plate. I was literally still thinking about it at 3:00 this morning while feeding Jane. 

It feels happily dramatic to get so moony over books and cheese. I do love Olympia though. The afternoon light hits our back steps right during naptime. Two afternoons last week I lazed on the back steps for an hour or so eating my lunch and reading. After a summer in the hospital and a move to Western Washington it doesn't take much to get a little color on my skin. Heavenly.

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6 thoughts on “A Few Things

  1. I miss NY too. I miss you being in NY to visit! Visiting with Anna this morning, brought about memories of last year … delightful times!


  2. Not trying to be to post-y here – but I really like the new color. New York looks amazing. I would be happy to eat platters full of cheese. Anytime.


  3. Well, when you come to Richland we will visit Cheese Louise….and you can pick whatever you want! They do have a nice selection, even if the store’s name is a dorky.
    LOVED the pix of the girls….so fun! Makes me want to hold, kiss and read a book to them…


  4. I thought the entry way looked different the other day but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Love the color though, makes the white look extra crisp.


  5. Just so you know, I miss you in NY too! We were just thinking that it was about a year ago that we were up there at the farmer’s market and eating that amazing goat cheese from the Sunday market near your house and it was so sunny and warm and delightful!


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