The Last Couple of Weeks

Clearly, I am a bit behind. So here's a sampling of the last couple of weeks. 

Easter was good. He is Risen! We had brunch at our house with Elizabeth, her friend Tasha, Chris, Mendy, Nana, and the Duerre family. So fun. I even made my first real cake and it turned out so well. After nap the girls posed for pictures. Always entertaining:


easter girls - 1 easter girls - 3 easter girls - 4 easter girls - 6

We finally got a double stroller used on craigslist. Cate has some "issues" with running away (she is basically fearless and incredibly frightening). So we needed a double stroller to contain the girls. I had been wrestling Cate into our single stroller while Jane was strapped to my chest. Now, both girls are strapped in and we can actually take Mr. Henry for walks without Telfer. We walked downtown (a beautiful 20-minute walk) after I took this picture and a woman stopped me totally freaked out because she thought I had a small infant unstrapped in the stroller. No, it's Cate's itty bitty baby. Come on people!

double stroller!

I have discovered my mood is directly correlated to how much exercise I get, especially since I stay home with my kids. I can't stay home all day every day without going a bit crazy. Now that it is starting to get nicer outside I have a way of getting the girls outside for both a bit of exercise and errands. Telfer also gave me a treadmill for Christmas that gets good use in the basement. The best thing that ever happened to me was when the girls started napping at the same time in the afternoon.

bad picture of treadmill!

This is getting long and random but I had a great mother's day yesterday. Some ups and downs based on a certain 2-year-olds moods but I felt very loved. I took a nap, Telfer made me dinner and he may have bought me a Le Creuset oval dutch oven. A complete surprise and it even matched my nails. I would rather have Le Creuset than jewelry any day of the week.


nails match mother's day gift

Jane also gave me a great Mother's Day gift – she figured out how to pick up her little meltable snack bits, put them in her mouth, let go and actually eat them. Seriously, you would have thought I had won the lottery I was so excited for her. 

sort of sitting up!

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2 thoughts on “The Last Couple of Weeks

  1. I do not understand how you got the girls to have such similar looks in the easter photos but I totally love the whole set. Love you all!


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