Sweet Potatoes & Sleeping Travails

cute baby jane

You are probably wondering how it's possible that this child can be nothing short of delightful all the time. She is actually a very happy, easily entertained kid that I dote on every waking moment but…oh my word. The SLEEPING. It's so bad! I feel like I have a 2-month old sometimes. The transition to solids has not gone so well. She has a very sensitive stomach. Our initial foray into solids was horrific. Rice cereal, sweet potatoes, bananas – all too difficult. She has had good luck with baby oatmeal but on Mother's Day, after several good nights, I thought, let's try just a tiny bit of sweet potatoes again. Fast forward to 1:00 AM and there's me and Telfer, drinking bourbon on the couch, reading our novels. Nothing could console her. It's taken days to get that half-jar of sweet potatoes out of her system. So for now, peas, oatmeal, pears and prunes are our only friends. 

So I am not sure if it's the right food, the wrong food, the slanted floors, the ability to roll around in the crib, the pacifier or WHAT that keeps her up so much in the night. It just makes me crazy. I do know that this is a temporary problem and she will hopefully sleep as well as Cate does at some point in her life. Just keeping it real.

Published by Andrea Y. Griffith

owner of browsers. former librarian. wife. mother to two tweens and the cutest labradoodle in the world.

One thought on “Sweet Potatoes & Sleeping Travails

  1. I feel it’s likely that she will never try to climb into her crib and say “nap”–now i have a new google research mission re: sleep and food and babies.


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