A Bit Behind

Beautiful weather + a few big events = little blogging. More tomorrow but my girls are pretty sweet these days. 

Jane. Jane is a champion slobberer (look for the rivulets of spit in the photographs) and seems to love swinging as much as Cate did at this age. She is also sleeping so much better due to medication that aids her digestive system. She feels better and I finally feel like a normal human being. Jane is sitting up so much better than a couple weeks ago. She still loves Cate a lot. Nine months is one of my favorite baby times. So cuddly, still a baby, but you can glimpse bits of personality and temperament.

baby jj

baby jj

i like to stay in hotels! conquering the swing

Cate. Cate makes us laugh five hundred times a day. I must say though, she is most definitely 2.5. Her highs are high and her lows are low. She is delightful and frustrating and sweet and fun. I really wanted to take her picture tonight and literally the only way I could get a good shot was having her run toward me. She did it again and again, happy as long as she was running. Can you tell how much fun she is? How much she enjoys life? 

cate running cate running cate running cate running

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