Back to Normal

walking baby in style

Whew, we had such a lovely, lovely week with our guests. RaChelle and Claire stayed about 24 hours on Monday/Tuesday. Three little girls! Cate enjoyed taking Claire to the Children's Museum down the street from us and we definitely, definitely (a Cate-ism) went to the Bread Peddler. Anna came on Wednesday and stayed until Sunday morning. We walked, we hiked, we ate, we book-shopped. Also went to Seattle with Miss Jane & Anna on Saturday. A beautiful day in Seattle. We really think Anna should plan to visit us EVERY SUMMER. Everyone agrees. Of course I took absolutely NO pictures. Bad! But really, this picture of Cate has to be at the top of some post, any post. It's a classic. 

Our babysitter, Regan, is going to be a high school junior in a few weeks. I keep telling her – SEE – look at all these lifelong friends I have – I made them at NNU! There has been a parade of wonderful women visiting us since we moved here – Missy and Anna and RaChelle and Kori. I swear, they should add me to their roster of recruiters. I am that persuasive. 

Now it's real life again and I am doing my fifteenth load of laundry and wondering whether I should put it away or just keep stacking it on the bed? Cate spent the night with Grammy last night so Telfer and I could do some painting up in my closet/office. It's looking so good. Telfer's bookshelf project is coming along really well. I am trying to exercise patience (not my most developed virtue) – I get so excited about this that I literally start to twitch.  

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4 thoughts on “Back to Normal

  1. i think she had to keep her head at that angle so that the sunglasses wouldn’t slip down. they’re the ones we got for free at washington square park. i of course tried to remind her of that…
    then she tried my sunglasses… maybe even bigger. then she went without… meanwhile (over 1.5 blocks), she announced to at least two people in her little tiny voice that she had lost her sunglasses. (oh me oh my)


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