Little Things

downtown spoils

A few other little things: I took the picture above after the girls and I walked back from our very fruitful trip downtown on Thursday. 3 pounds of mussels, cheese, bread and two pounds of espresso. It was a very local moment. Needless to say, Telfer and I had an amazing dinner [AFTER girls went to bed]. I love mussels and was feeling like they would be a fitting end to summer. 

source of lots of trouble

What is this you are wondering? Henry ate the squeaker out of his lone toy. After 24 hours of vomiting and one nearly sleepless night listening to him cry (saddest thing ever) he had to have emergency abdominal surgery to remove the above from his intestines. I was a bit of a mess…Of course we were leaving for my parents the next day but Mendy & Chris took such good care of him while we were gone. He's definitely on the mend – he barked at the postman yesterday so I know he's feeling better.

my little cate

While home we attended the wedding of the son of dear family friends at their house in Hermiston. There were swimsuits available for the children to enjoy little pools and the sandbox. This was Cate's swimsuit until she discovered a mismatched top several sizes too big to combine with the SpongeBob shorts. Telfer's comment: "My worst nightmare realized." Cate had a fabulous time running around…she is such a funny, spirited kid.


And then my sisters and I made Nate take about 45 pictures until we had one we all really liked. 

Also: both girls are a little under the weather today. Jane is taking a nap and Cate and I are curled up on my bed watching The Swan Princess. Telfer is demolishing the bathroom downstairs in preparation for the remodel starting on Monday. And one year ago today Telfer and I flew from New York to Seattle with a one-week-old Jane. Whew. 

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One thought on “Little Things

  1. Thanks for your posts Andrea… Love the pics and the stories!! I must get down there some time! Hope the girls feel better and glad Henry is recovering well! Silly dog!


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