Happy Thanksgiving

happy thanksgiving from the pilgrim people

So far, a low-key day. Telfer is on call today and will probably work at some point, we are just hoping that it's not at dinner. Which usually means he will be working at dinner. Or Telfer-style, he'll arrive just in time. He always finds the best parking spots.

the 80s

This is Cate this morning at breakfast. Notice she's rocking a headband. This just might be why I am not eager for her to wear a lot of hair ornaments. She ends up looking like an 80s aroebics queen. She would correct me if I told her this – a princess, not a queen. Just add legwarmers.

All of Telfer's siblings are in town (minus one) and we are so looking forward to our Thanksgiving meal later today at Telfer's parent's house. I am bringing several things that have made my house smell good. Last night I was making stuffing – it's sausage and chard stuffing – it tastes fine but… Safeway didn't have green chard, only red. I didn't think it would matter much. So we will be eating pink stuffing today. Think of us.

Telfer took this series of Jane on the Rody horse yesterday. What? You are scandalized he kept taking pictures instead of consoling her? 

riding rody fall aftermath

As I am sitting here this morning watching the dark clouds race across the sky (I love how quickly the clouds move around here) I am truly grateful. I hope your Thankgving day is a good one.

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