Finally March

The months of January & February are over. Whew. I breathe a sigh of relief every year when they are done. On to March and spring and the promise of the Resurrection. Yes. I may have even ordered two pairs of little girl saltwater sandals this morning (orange!). 

We have had a mixed bag around here the last couple of weeks. Just in case you thought a food miracle occured and Cate now tries everything without freaking out: 


I had the audacity to make rice bowls with ground turkey and pork and vegetables with an egg on top. She ate the egg but thought the rest a grave insult to her well-being. Frustrating and funny all at the same time. Really? Ground turkey is worth this reaction?

jane loved the 'ish

We have had several visitors too. Michael Scofield, a Loma Linda friend, came for a lovely afternoon and evening and visited with us. Cate is still talking about the house he drew for her. My parents came a couple weekends ago for a very short, but fun visit. Telfer had vacation last week. We did go to the aquarium in Seattle for a day and met Liz & Macy for fish viewing and carousel riding. Mostly though, we did the things that are hard to schedule in real life. Telfer took a class at the hospital for a couple of nights, he took the car in for a service and we met with a lawyer for estate planning purposes. Being an adult is so much fun! 

On Friday, I headed up to Portland BY MYSELF. It was just lovely. I went to Powell's and Stumptown and then Powell's again. When RaChelle got off work she met me and we went to a wonderful early dinner at an Asian place called Ping and then had dessert. The two of us can seriously eat. RaChelle has come to Olympia about 18 times since we moved here and it was finally, finally my turn to go and visit her. We had a wonderful time talking, eating and walking around. Full disclosure: I stole the picture from RaChelle.

crazy girls

Telfer is mostly back at work this week but has a terrible chest cold. I think he's on the tail end of it. I have perfected the hot toddy recipe. He says it really helps. Now poor Jane has the cold and a fever. Do not worry. I will not be mixing up a hot toddy for Jane. So the girls and I are staying close to home today. We are going to snuggle and do laundry. 

Oh, one last thing: Jane is completely walking. Both my girls walked at exactly the same time: 17.5 months. Telfer took this video and it's only 22 seconds and he doesn't yell out encouragement in a high-pitched voice and the lighting is beautiful. So basically it's the opposite of my videos:

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2 thoughts on “Finally March

  1. Not even a little hot toddy for Jane? Isn’t that called “momma’s little helper” in some necks of the woods?


  2. It is so cute how exactly between Alyce and Carole’s ages Cate is – she is adorable! and I think Jane looks a lot like Carole. It will be so nice to be close to you guys!


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