Mostly A Good Week

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Most days I am never really sure where the day goes. It just kind of slips away and then suddenly it's time for baths and stories and bed. I do know that unless it's naptime I don't sit down much. We have all been taking turns getting the spring flu. I am on my feet again but without much energy. Yesterday afternoon I did convince Cate that we SHOULD go for a walk with Henry. She protested energetically until suddenly she was so excited to go. Welcome to my life. I am still not used to Jane walking around. It's pretty much the sweetest thing ever. I am so proud of my 18-month-old walker! Isn't that slightly ridiculous? 

can't get over how cute Jane is walking

Yesterday morning I had planned to vacuum the house but it just sounded like so much work so we had a dance party in costume. Dance parties, to Cate, means spreading out a very specific blanket that my sister made her and running in a circle around it – all set to music. Sometimes Rody the horse is invited. Sometimes not.

dance party

dance party

On St. Patrick's Day I was pretty sick but got it together enough to make green milk and open a box of Lucky Charms. The girls loved everything about it:

green milk + lucky charms

What else? Telfer and I are trying to find a time to go see the Hunger Games movie, along with the rest of the world. If my appetite comes back maybe even combine a movie with Indian food, my new date-night standard of excellence. I read Death Comes to Pemberley by P.D. James this week. I adored. My favorite mystery writer writes a post-Pride & Prejudice murder-mystery? I am there! Loved! Also looking forward to Mad Men on Sunday night. I am going to make Telfer rewatch a few of the episodes from last season to get us in the mood. Love that show. It's like watching a novel. 

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One thought on “Mostly A Good Week

  1. I absolutely love henry watching the “dance party” from his post on the kiddy table. He looks completely at home, unamused by the music or dancing children. Can’t wait to see you. Wish I could also see jane walk but we’ll save it for another time.


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