The Girls


Cate's itty bitty baby is suddenly a hot commodity around here. Our friend Breklinn was over the other night and her interest in baby has made Cate very interested in baby and consequently now Jane is very interested in baby. Jane steals her at every chance, running as fast as she can (which isn't fast but very cute to watch). I was doing something with Cate and walked into the living room to find Jane all settled in the chair with baby, books and all. Sweet. 

talking to ellie on the phone

This is Cate this morning all dressed and ready to face the day. She is talking to Aunt Ellie on the phone. One quote: "Yes, I am a little lonesome. You are coming tonight? Good. Good." She really is coming tonight, so even sweeter. I am really trying to keep my comments to a minimum when it comes to the outfits she picks out herself. On days we have something going on I either pick her clothes or at the very least manage the situation, but on days when we are planning to stay home I let her pick them out. Yes, she has striped socks on with sandals and her leggings are most likely on backwards. I know we live in Western Washington but this is a little much for me. I haven't said anything yet. So proud of myself.

papa & jane

Telfer and I went to the Hunger Games last night. Really, really liked. And we had Indian beforehand. Standard of excellence for date night achieved! Thank you to the kind grandparents for babysitting. Our regular babysitter has had mono so we were so ready to go out last night. Sherry and I are headed to Seattle this afternoon to check on Elizabeth, who is recovering from a tonsillectomy, and to pick up Eleanor from the airport. Claire and Nate are coming for Easter as well…yeah!

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