cora + jane waiting for the bus
It's been so beautiful in Olympia. Telfer finished putting together a playset for the girls in our yard. Cate has been wistfully gazing at the playset at Costco for months now and she would say so sweetly and genuinely to Telfer, "Daddy, I am SO sorry our yard isn't big enough for a playset like they have at Costco." Well, Daddy figured out where we could put a playset. at the farmer's market
Telfer finished putting it together in time for a much-anticipated cousin visit. We had such a good time with the McMullan family. Elizabeth came down for a mussels dinner on Saturday night. We also took the bus to the farmer's market. Has anyone else tried the Lady Alice apple? Sherry told me about them and I am now completely obsessed. Mostly though, we have been reveling in the outdoor weather. I am finally on board with some yard work this year. Last year I was seriously no help but this year with Jane walking and the girls actually being able to play, I am currently battling the dandelions. They grow to freakish proportions in Western Washington. We are also putting in a gate and fence in our front yard so the girls and Henry are nice and safe playing in the driveway. It should be done soon? I am kind of wondering why it's taking so long but apparently you can't rush these things. after church an attempt (futile?) popsicles on the porch wandering into the shade

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