Manic Tap Dancing

On Saturday Sherry called and told me that I had to meet her at a yard sale near our house. Forty-three dollars later I lugged two big bags of really cute little girl clothing and shoes to the car. Cate immediately fell in love with one pair of shoes and calls them her tap shoes. Lots of manic dancing since. Here is one example. She had me take like 10 videos of her dancing but I am sparing you 9 of them. In one of the videos she calls herself Catie (Katie?) completely out of the blue. I reacted a little which she picked up on and has been calling herself Catie ever since. Sigh.


Jane had a high fever a couple of days last week. She is such a sweet, easy kid even when she's sick. She really didn't sleep well however. Poor Jane and poor me. We are also getting started on this:  

that time again...

She seems sort of ready. I put the potty chair in the bathroom and Cate and I have been talking to her about it. So far though, the potty chair has been turned into a bed (I know.) for puppy and kitty. The bathroom door is always closed because it's always bedtime. I have been chastisted more than once for opening the door. The main problem I see with potty training Jane is I do not know how her pants are going to stay up without a diaper.

What else? I am reading Wild by Cheryl Strayed along with the rest of the country and it's completely gripping and worth my time. Also reading her collection of Dear Sugar columns. Love. One last Nora Ephron remembrance from Lena Dunham for The New Yorker blog. Sweet and true and funny.

Note: Somehow I have managed to write this with all three Duerre kids and my own two kids playing around me. I now feel smug enough to take all five kids on the bus downtown. Good idea? Bad idea? I am not sure if we are acutally going to get off the bus. We might just do a loop.

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owner of browsers. former librarian. wife. mother to two tweens and the cutest labradoodle in the world.

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