Cannon Beach Week

Well, we had a marvelous time at the beach. We rented a big enough house to sleep everyone comfortably. The weather was magnificent. The cousins played together so sweetly. It was idyllic. Telfer and I actually had fun on vacation for the first time since we have had children. The girls slept well together in the same room (they are sharing a room at home too). They were sweet and fun(ny). We also made most of our own meals. I could not eat meat for four days after we came back. Next time we will have to do some vegetarian dinners. 

Proof (Liz took several of these):

sweet jane
the birthday boy
cate in the water
amazing sunset
the boogie boarders in girly towels
after playing on the beach...
mom & dad

My dad turned 60 while we were at the beach. For his birthday, he took our entire family to EVOO, the Cannon Beach Cooking School. Mendy even came up for the evening. My parents have been raving about it for years and it was so fun to experience it all together. And EVOO is just as good as they have said. Telfer and I loved it. 

Two exciting things: While we were at the beach, Nate and Claire found out they will be having a BOY in January. Nate and Alyssa are also expecting baby number FOUR. Alyssa is due in February…so exciting. As soon as we got home I ran out and did a little baby boy shopping for baby Hanson. I literally could not help myself. 

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One thought on “Cannon Beach Week

  1. Seriously, boy stuff is fun after all. Granted, not as pretty (and as plentiful!) as girl stuff, but oh, the trains and planes and little camo jeans! 🙂 So fun!


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