Odds & Ends

Jane's actual birthday was on Monday. Cate thought we were going to have *another* party with the same people and more cupcakes so the day was decidedly low-key.

sweet miss jane at the bread peddler

On Tuesday, Cate played with Grammy & Papa while I took Jane to the pediatrician for her two-year-check-up. If anyone wants a copy of her growth chart, my pediatrician literally made me 10 copies. I will totally mail you one! Jane is still in the 90th percentile for head size but is now finally on the growth chart for weight…in the 5th percentile. I am inordinately proud. We celebrated at the Bread Peddler with morning rolls. I love spending time with my girls one-on-one. 


The bookshelves at the top of the stairs are mostly done – I am still moving books around but they look so good. The upstairs is still in major disarray but these things just take awhile and we are having quite a bit of fun. We took the girls to Ikea one day last week. It was something else keeping them entertained. We all ate dinner for $6.69 however (meatballs!). Also, this broke about 18 safety laws but made for a very good picture:

keeping cate occupied at ikea

I am feeling very nolstalgic over the end of summer. I feel like the girls had a SUMMER. A popsicles on the porch, swinging, walking in the neighborhood, beach trip kind of summer. I am feeling nolstalgic for Sunday afternoons with Telfer as well. We usually picked up fresh chicken rolls with peanut sauce at our favorite local Thai restaurant downtown and then had a glass of rose or white wine in our backyard when the girls were down for naps. We would eat and then talk about our week. Such a summery-type of memory. I am assuaging the nolstagia with the thought of this apple pie and the promise of a lovely Fall. I think this was the first time my apple pie looked as good as it tasted. Usually I freak out and Telfer has to help me with the pastry. I think my success is due to the fact that I am 34 now and squarely middle-aged. I no longer freak out at the possibility of wonky pastry. Maybe?

our summer sunday lunch
apple pie

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