Upstairs Refresh

big j and big c by telfandrea
big j and big c, a photo by telfandrea on Flickr.

We are mostly finished with our upstairs projects. We still have a little touch-up painting to do but that can wait for a bit. Grammy and Papa unexpectedly took the girls out for an adventure on Saturday afternoon so we went into full-on work-as-fast-as-you-can-without-distraction-mode. Telfer frantically hung up pictures and I finished up a bunch of little things. The picture above is of Cate and Jane’s closet. Yes, we put their little toddler beds in the closet. We had the room taken down to the studs this summer and insulated and new walls and ceiling put in. Telfer put down a new floor and painted it as well. So it’s not JUST a closet. Jane is still sleeping in a crib in the main part of the room for now but we are hyping up the toddler bed.

upstairs landing room by telfandrea
upstairs landing room, a photo by telfandrea on Flickr.

This is the view from the top of the stairs. Everything is basically from Ikea but we love Ikea so. Such a comfortable place for us to read to the girls. We don’t all fit in the chair in their room anymore.

upstairs landing room by telfandrea
upstairs landing room, a photo by telfandrea on Flickr.
Here’s a slightly different view. Notice Rody the horse is peeking around the corner.
upstairs landing room! by telfandrea
upstairs landing room!, a photo by telfandrea on Flickr.

And a close-up. The lights on top of the bookcases are a nice touch. For anyone who is interested, the top sections of the bookcases are fiction, arranged alphabetically and wrapped around the shelves instead of up-and-down (not sure if that makes sense). Non-fiction is on the bottom shelves. The bookshelves below are mostly children’s books.

  by telfandrea
built-in, a photo by telfandrea on Flickr.

While we were at the beach in August, we had this built to replace the very low bookshelf and railing at the top of the stairs. It was seriously not safe at all. My girls are not climbers but it could have been a situation. This looks a lot better, holds many, many more books and is much safer. My dad will sleep better at night.

picture wall by telfandrea

picture wall, a photo by telfandrea on Flickr.

And finally, this is a new picture wall. Seriously, we bought three frames and three prints – the Fairy Tale ones on the bottom – Mary Poppins – Rapunzel – The Princess and the Pea. We pretty much had everything else. We reused a lot of frames and finally framed a bunch of things we had lurking about. We had a couple of bookcases against this wall and so we are enjoying a clear pathway between the bedrooms and the bathroom to the downstairs.

sleeping upstairs by telfandrea
sleeping upstairs, a photo by telfandrea on Flickr.

I ran upstairs to take a couple of pictures of the new bookcases tonight and I found Miss Cate sleeping on the sofa. So cute. Telfer will scoop her up and put her in her own bed here in a bit.

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3 thoughts on “Upstairs Refresh

  1. Love what you guys did up there!! Looks great
    And so sweet to see Cate sleeping after reading a good book in the new spot 🙂


  2. Ohhh looks great. Are your books alpahbetical by last name of the authors? Nerdy question from your librarian friend. Also, looks like cate found a great spot. Maybe that is where I will sleep on my next visit although the guest bed and blue couch have also worked out well for me in the past.


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