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smiley pumpkin by telfandrea
smiley pumpkin, a photo by telfandrea on Flickr.

It’s almost two weeks since I posted and it’s been hopping around here.

First off, make sure you change your bookmark for our blog to because the old typepad blog will go away sometime in the next week.

This picture is one of two pumpkins Telfer and Cate carved yesterday. The other is a witch because Cate wanted to scare the boys two doors down from us (who are very into Halloween). They are 13 and 9 so I am not sure this is the best way to scare them.

again by telfandrea
again, a photo by telfandrea on Flickr.

We picked out the pumpkins at the pumpkin patch last weekend. Western Washington pumpkin patches are an opportunity to wear your rainboots and squelch around in the mud. We mostly had fun. Cate had a couple of moments and a wasp somehow landed in the pocket of my vest and when I put my poor little hand in, I got stung on the pad of my thumb. I was carrying a cup of hot apple cider and managed NOT to fling the near boiling liquid on anyone.

happy birthday telfer! by telfandrea
happy birthday telfer!, a photo by telfandrea on Flickr.

Telfer turned 33 on Sunday. It was a busy weekend and we had trouble finding a babysitter but we managed to go out to lunch with Telfer’s family and I sent him to see Argo in the theater. He’s pretty easy to please but I think he had a good birthday. And that ends the Griffith birthday season for another year. Next year we are definitely going to have *one* birthday party for both girls. As long as Cate agrees (she will be FIVE so she might have a very big opinion).

finished! by telfandrea
finished!, a photo by telfandrea on Flickr.

It feels like a long time ago but RaChelle and i did manage to finish that half-marathon a couple of Sundays ago. It was actually kind of fun and did NOT rain. We ate at Tasty n Sons in Portland afterwards. So good. And then I drove on home. I am still so thankful that I can drive places rather than fly.

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