Cate Verbatim

Cate verbatim by telfandrea
Cate verbatim, a photo by telfandrea on Flickr.

I had to write this down exactly as Cate said it. It is totally Cate. Preschool has helped her try “adventure bites” of new foods and the social pressure has stopped the screaming when confronted by something she doesn’t recognize. Progress.

Today we spent the third Friday morning in a row at the Pediatrician’s office. First it was Cate’s left ear, then both of Jane’s ears, and now Cate’s right ear. It takes the whole morning between the actual appointment and then procurement of antibiotics. Today was a comedy of errors between the doctor’s office and the pharmacy except I was not laughing. Thankfully, Telfer got home early and I made a mental health escape downtown for a couple of hours.

We don’t have much planned this weekend in the best possible way. I need to do a long run, the Olympia Farmer’s market opens and if, the big if, the rain lets up, we will do some yard work. The dandelions are already threatening to take over everything. I want to steam some clams tomorrow and maybe I will even finish Middlemarch (finally). Doesn’t that sound kind of nice? Cate needs a lot of cuddling and Jane will keep us all slightly annoyed/entertained with her two-year-old antics.

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