A Week Plus

It’s been a good week – full of work but lots of quality play time. Eleanor was here this week. She brought us bagels from our old neighborhood place and it’s like being transported back four years. Telfer and Eleanor and I went out to dinner and you know when the food and the company kind of meld together into just the best possible evening? Friday was like that and I so needed a night out. The above picture is before school on Wednesday. Jane looks like such a big girl. It’s an old outfit of Cate’s so I am doubly nostalgic.

Telfer and I went out to lunch on Wednesday afternoon and browsed through a vintage shop and found a small, vintage Le Creuset . Yes, I will take you home and love you forever little teal pot.

Thursday was probably one of our last warm days. Telfer had an early day so I left work slightly early, picked up the girls, and met him on the boat. Absolutely lovely. We dropped anchor and the girls were eating a snacky dinner and watching Toy Story 3 below deck while Telfer and I drank white wine and talked. I noticed a school of jellyfish off the side of the boat. Truly beautiful and peaceful.

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