Four Favorites


Four things I am loving this week.

  1. marcona almonds (bought from costco and then improved greatly with this barefoot contessa recipe). cate and telfer and I can’t stop eating them. Cate even had a little bowlful for breakfast this morning.
  2. the buffalo photograph arrived in our dining room over the weekend and I am completely enamored. Mr. Buffalo is a benevolent presence but if behavior turned south at dinner, I think he could definitely have a change of heart. Is that terrible? Cate and Jane will be in therapy someday “My mom told us a buffalo photograph on the dining room wall would come alive and gore us if we didn’t turn on our listening ears at the dinner table.”
  3. city ballet docu-series on aol. The girls and I are watching this together at night. Narrated by Sarah Jessica Parker, a fascinating look at the New York City ballet. Each episode is about six minutes long. When we finish watching there’s usually a lot of twirling and leaping.
  4. acorn slippers. On Christmas morning when I realized I didn’t get any slippers, I took matters into my hands and ordered myself a pair. Mom and Alyssa also have this same brand and love. My old ones were very sorry-looking indeed. I feel very fancy wearing these.

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owner of browsers. former librarian. wife. mother to two tweens and the cutest labradoodle in the world.

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