Signs of Spring & a George Update


A couple of things early in the week:

The sun is shining today and Spring seems like a possibility. To say it has rained lately is a bit of an understatement. But look at these beautiful purple flowers in our yard. Can you also tell we have some leaf management to do?

A few nights ago I settled in to try to finish The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. At around page 700 (book is almost 800 pages long) I could tell things were wonky. Pages started to repeat themselves and at one point the pages go from 714 to 757. So I finished but I am not sure what happened really? Powell’s is sending me a new copy. I should be annoyed but I made the mistake of leaving the novel and George together in the same room unsupervised. When I came back into the room thirty seconds after leaving it, the top of the spine was completely chewed up. So a new copy is not unwelcome. And maybe then I will find out exactly what happened with the painting. Because I am a little confused.

Speaking of George, we have entered into the late preschool stage of puppyhood. We have great days which lead to smug moments where we think things are going so well and maybe there’s just something about us that just raises good dogs. And then there has been the last 24 hours. George has dug holes, scared Jane, pooped on the rug, pottied on the floor, ran unsecured through the backyard and into our neighbors yard. I could go on. Our street is busy, particularly in the early evenings, and so I really do have safety primarily on my mind but I swear, my neighbors must think I am crazy. There has been a lot of “GEORGE!” stretched out into several syllables.

And finally, Jane is now a jumper :

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