Lately Around Here

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Cate and I had an ice cream date last week. Cate may be the pickiest child I have ever known but boy she can pack away the ice cream. Grammy oftentimes picks one girl up from school on Thursday afternoon which allows me to spend one-on-one time with the other girl, a definite priority. Tomorrow is Cate’s turn at Grammy’s and I get Jane for a little outing after work/school. Ice cream is on the agenda.

We are getting ready for our garden! A new urban farm store opened in town and we had a marvelous time picking out seeds last Saturday. Telfer has already built one more garden box and we are contemplating another. We learned so much last year and can’t wait to plant (around Mother’s Day is the start of our planting season).

Recently finished The Shallows by Nicholas Carr and The Dark Sacred Night by Julia Glass (a very loose sequel to Three Junes, one of my favorite novels).

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I realize this is a little late in the game but we did have a lovely Easter. Can you tell? Highlight was the easter egg hunt with our friends at G&P’s house.



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One thought on “Lately Around Here

  1. Hi Andrea… haven’t talked with you in a long time… Where is Henry? He’s missing from your family names… on the top left… worried…


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