Weekly Update: Girls & Reading Edition


Actually, I think most of my posts are either about the girls or reading with a bit of food thrown in here and there. Jane and I got to hang out for a couple hours while Cate was at a birthday party this weekend. I gave her several fun-for-her options including going to the grocery stop (I am always so devastated when the girls correct their little -isms) but she chose playing with a bag of marbles and then taking George for a walk. Jane is so very easily pleased. Cate and I got to spend a couple hours together last week while Grammy had Jane. We went to ice cream of course and then sat outside and chatted away. She’s such a dear.

Memorial Day weekend was actually very fun (we haven’t had the best track record with long, holiday weekends and so I am always surprised when Tuesday arrives and I actually feel refreshed). It was a nice mix of getting things done including yard work and weeding and the amazing transformation that is laying sod. We socialized – our next door neighbors came over for dinner after the girls went to bed one night and then Telfer made his  pizza for our life group. We also managed a one-night getaway to the Lake House with the girl where we watched The Sound of Music for the first time (on VHS no less!) and did Lake House things. Lovely.

I finished two of the books on my Read A Shelf Project last week. Dirt Candy, a graphic novel cookbook, that makes me want to fly to New York immediately and go to Brooklyn to eat at the restaurant. Eleanor gave this to me for my birthday last year and I just stuck it on the shelf. So bad! And then an intense novel, The Affairs of Others, also set in Brooklyn about a young, grieving widow who owns a brownstone and becomes overly involved in the lives of her tenants. I could not put it down.

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