Four Favorites in June


1. Sherry and I walked home last night from a very fun evening at Bayview School of Cooking (a local grocery store) where we listened to Molly Wizenberg read from and talk about her new book Delancey. Oh and we ate (gobbled) five of her new recipes. Amazing. Will be adding each recipe to my regular rotation. [For those that you that own the book the recipes were Vietnamese Rice Noodle Salad, Sweet-Hot Pork Shoulder, Stone Fruit with Prosciutto and Fresh Mozzarella Salad, Tomato and Corn Salad and the Coconut Rice Pudding. Yum.]

2. Our garden is going bananas. Telfer does most of all of this, I must admit. I love to plan with him, buy the seeds, watch the plants grow and take their little pictures and do an occasional watering. And eat them at the end. We added two more garden beds this year and just today Telfer whipped up a little container box and filled it with mint plantings.

3. Cate and Jane are loving playing in their little pool and then stretching out on their towels. And Jane’s swimsuit has a skirt on it this year. I love these long afternoons where the sun is shining and the girls are playing and my main job is popsicle procurement.

4. On Sunday evening we took the girls and George to a local trail area and did a 1.4 walk (the girls would correct me here – it was a HIKE!). Last year we had dreams of doing this but Jane was at that awkward age where she was too big to carry and too small (slow) to walk. This year, she was our line leader much of the time. These trails are about a two-minute drive from our house and I am looking forward to a summer of “hiking” with my little family.

Also random thankfulness shoutout: the older I get the more I appreciate my girlfriends. It’s so worth the time and effort and deliberate planning. Sherry walked into my house last night and was wearing both a shirt and a sweater that I own and had no idea she owned as well. It’s not like I want my friends to be exactly like me but it feels so wonderful to be almost 36 and know that someone else in my town gets me. I spent a lovely day in Seattle with Bekah a couple of weeks ago. We hadn’t seen each other in six full years and a lot of life has happened to both of us but we had the most meaningful connection. Anna is also coming tonight for one night and the whole day tomorrow. We might even make jam together. My cup runneth over.

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owner of browsers. former librarian. wife. mother to two tweens and the cutest labradoodle in the world.

One thought on “Four Favorites in June

  1. I was wondering if you made it to Bayview to hear Molly. So fun! I think it’s time I get the book (I know, slacker).


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