Father’s Day & Reading Update

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Telfer spent father’s day weekend in Brooklyn helping Eleanor settle into her new place. Buying real estate in New York is no joke. We gave Eleanor a Telfer-weekend as a Christmas gift and we thought she would close on the apartment by February. Try June!  I may have been slightly jealous so the girls and I headed to Richland to spend father’s day weekend with my dad. We had such a good, low-key, fun weekend. We went cherry-picking and to Casa Mia for spaghetti and played a lot in my parent’s backyard. The girls were so fun and loved being with my parents. We left George with Grammy and I am happy to report he did well there and I actually missed him!

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And here’s an update on my Shelf Project (the page is updated).

The Whole Five Feet: What the great books taught me about life, death, and pretty much everything else by Christopher R. Beha.
A project book. The author reads the Harvard Classics in the midst of a difficult year in his life. What could have been wonky and esoteric is actually a warm, personal account of how reading and life intertwine.

Nocturnes: Five stories of music & nightfall. Kazuo Ishiguro
Ishiguro’s novels are so wonderful (Never Let Me Go & Remains of the Day). These short stories are very readable – a couple take place in Venice – but they don’t stick (if that makes sense).

The Family Dinner: Great ways to connect with your kids one meal at a time. Laurie David
I loved this! I am not sure why I hadn’t read? We do have a (mostly) happy medium these days at our dinner table but I am open to all kinds of advice. There is a chapter on table conversation with kids that was particularly good. Side note: we tried to have a family meeting the other night after dinner. It was a disaster (comically so). We will try again in six months or a year…

Turn of Mind. Alice LaPlante
The problem with subscribing to Powell’s Indiespensable is you then have all these books to read! I do read a big chunk of them but this one I hadn’t quite got around to. A hand surgeon has early-onset Alzheimer’s and is accused of killing her neighbor and best friend. It’s twisty and psychological and although I definitely figured out the killer (which hardly ever happens to me), I was completely gripped.

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