Around Here Lately

this little cutie started taekwondo yesterday
This little cutie started taking TaeKwonDo this week. We thought about piano lessons for about five minutes but this is much better and much more active if you get my drift. Cate runs for three recesses but it’s not quite enough to get all the wiggles out. The outfit (uniform? I am sure it has a specific name) is cute too! One of the main instructors made sure Cate knew she was not to go home and “practice” on her sister.

such a fun book

I loved The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. We are calling 2015 “The Great Decluttering” at the bookshop. The entire upstairs is filled with what I will nicely call extra items. I have another word in mind but I will not say it. I have taken three loads to Goodwill so far and Telfer is bringing his truck down later today to fill with loads for the dump and Goodwill. With each load of stuff removed, I feel so much lighter. Anyway, the book is really fun. The author’s main premise is when tidying your home (or in this case, a business and to be truthful, our basement and garage at home), “take each item in one’s hand and ask: does this spark joy? If it does, keep it. If not, dispose of it.” I love the sentiment. Just because something is potentially useful doesn’t mean it needs to hang out, taking up space in our lives.

first day of 2015. not a bad start.

January is usually a hard month for me. It’s dark and cold and wet but this year has is different. I am still in major gratitude mode for a renewed, lighter schedule. Telfer has had a busy week at the hospital and what would have been really stressful in November has just been absolutely fine. So what if I am at the bookshop less for a few days? I have good employees that can be here in the late afternoons. I have been walking George to pick up Cate from school and then we go together to pick up Jane. There’s always work I can do from home. I am getting up earlier instead of staying up later (one of my goals for the new year). Yesterday I even worked out!

RaChelle is on her way to visit Olympia later this morning. We are going to lunch and then to see Wild (since we read the book together a few years ago). I am so looking forward to some friend time. We are going to continue the great declutter later this weekend and Telfer is going to watch some football while I do my usual puttering/reading/crafting with the girls/messing about in the kitchen. Sounds just about right.

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2 thoughts on “Around Here Lately

  1. I love so many things about this post. Beautiful pictures of books/coffee. I am however sure that RaCh is going to somehow wave Wild in my face like a Browser’s book bag and make me oh so jealous. What am I saying- I’m already jealous that the two of you get to hang and do lunch and then do wild. I’ll get over it- glad you get to see each other 🙂 Love!


  2. First, Anna – I would never do anything like that – you must not be talking about me 🙂 Second, we missed our third “Wild” book club member! Movie was incredible. Third, Andrea, I am so glad you are “back”. I love your posts/updates and I loved our time together on Friday. It almost felt like I was playing hooky! 🙂 Love you!


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