So far this week

shop's youngest helper

helping daddy paint the wall

expert draper


Jane helped Telfer and me paint and clean around the bookshop on Sunday evening. She was pretty much delightful. Anna has also been here all week. I have renamed her Shopgirl. Here she is replacing signed book tags and in general being super helpful and sweet. We had quite the day in the bookshop today, culminating in one arrest (a would-be customer) and a lovely dinner with my in-laws at our house.

Tomorrow Telfer and I are headed to New York for the weekend. We are going to revisit our old stomping grounds on the Upper West Side but mostly we are checking out bookshops in both Brooklyn and Manhattan – some we have visited before, but many we have not. Sometimes Pinterest isn’t enough to gather ideas and possibilities. Sometimes you need to see it.

If you are curious, these are the spots we are hoping to hit. Of course I made a Google map…

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