Five Things!

saturday morning strollers and babies

planting man

1. We planted our garden last weekend and for once, I was not the weakest link. I was a model weeder! It felt good! I also had a lovely Mother’s Day – the girls made me at least five cards (each) and we had Chris & Mendy and Nana over for a low-key brunch on Sunday. I went for a walk with George and snuggled in the hammock with the girls. There was also some reading in outdoor chairs sitting next to Telfer, cocktail in hand. We watched the next to last episode of Mad Men. All of my things, all in one day.

Soup Club Cookbook

2. Love this cookbook – anyone local want to start a soup club with me? Four families join, each family takes one week and delivers enough soup with sides and garnishes for the other three families. Love this idea! The recipes look really good. Cate would eat exactly none of the soups, the but the rest of us would so enjoy.

May have gotten a tatoo

3. I may have been tattooed this week. That sentence is so vague and passive – an attempt at cool? The bookshop is on the same block as a tattoo place and I popped in on Tuesday afternoon and fifteen minutes later came out with this on my arm. Thirty-six is a good age to get your first tattoo. (For the record, Telfer likes it.)

Word Cloud Books You Should Read

4. Chris and Mendy brought me back this poster (can’t seem to find exact print but link is to artist’s website) for the shop. I love it! I hope it sparks some good conversations about books at the shop – what customers have read, what they hope to read. So fun. One of my favorite features of Library Thing has always been the word cloud you can create with the authors in your personal library.

evening walk with george

5. This week has been uncommonly busy so I am thankful the weekend is already off to a good start. I got my hair cut this afternoon for the first time since the beginning of December. Now, I am sitting here at the bookshop for a Ladies Night Out shopping event downtown. We are staying open until 8:00 PM and I have a sneaking suspicion books are not exactly what the ladies are looking for when they do events like this…shoes and jewelry and a free glass of cheap wine maybe?  But Alyssa and her family are on the way to spend the weekend with us – among other things, we will celebrate Eden’s birthday (12!) and enjoy being together. The girls haven’t been to the bookshop yet so it will be fun to take them.

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owner of browsers. former librarian. wife. mother to two tweens and the cutest labradoodle in the world.

5 thoughts on “Five Things!

  1. PS I would totally do a soup club with you. Are there any recipes that would travel well over 3000 miles??


  2. I’d love to hear more about your soup club idea!
    …and the Electric Rose is where I got my tattoo as a high school graduation present twenty years ago! It’s always funny when the girls and I come to your shop and they say, “…there’s where you and Dad eat on your anniversary, and there’s where you got your tattoo…”
    What a lovely Mother’s Day you had!


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