Back from vacation


I am going to do a proper post tomorrow but we are back and I am sorting through piles and pictures and I spent the day catching up on shop finances and etc. items. We spent a week+ in California and I tell you, this vacation was needed by everyone in our little family, probably especially me. We spent a week lounging about the pool and our “apartment” (as the girls call it) at Welk resort in Escondido. We read and swam and ate simply and I will go on and on in length tomorrow but here are a bunch of Disneyland pictures from last Friday.

I have a complicated relationship with Disney. I love it, I hate it, am appalled and delighted all at once. I do think the desire to take the girls to Disneyland has more to do with me than the girls. But it was fun and the girls loved it and definitely served as an anchor moment for the summer. Neither girl holds it too closely which makes Telfer and I proud in a weird sort of way. Can you tell we have spent some time talking about this?

We spent one night at the resort and one day at both parks. We managed to see and do everything on our list without much trouble, even on a busy Friday in June. It was too hot in the afternoon, especially for Jane but both girls held up well. Highlights included meeting Anna and Elsa, riding on the teacups, pulling Chip’s tail during a character breakfast (only Cate and Jane, sigh) and picking out new “friends” to take home – baby Arista & Simba. Cropic Share File

Cropic Share File-2

Cropic Share File copy

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