Five Things: Light + Quiet Edition

Lately, on Monday mornings, after drop-offs and before I head home to work in my cozy home office, I usually go for a trail run or walk at a nearby park. It’s a 1.5 mile loop and I usually do it twice. Sometimes I take George and we walk. George is not much of a runner. And some mornings, like this morning, I go by myself which means I run most of it. Last night we had a wind and rain storm and the trail this morning was crowded with branches and wet leaves. It was deserted and lightly raining and still not quite bright. It was a melancholy type of morning that felt just right for my mood and the time of year.
henderson inlet with the olympics in the distance
puget sound on saturday afternoon

taking the boat out of the water
Saturday was one of those absolutely packed days that could have been way too much but turned out just right. I opened the shop while Telfer did soccer duty. Several of my favorite and best customers came in and I was encouraged and inspired all over again by what we are doing. Then I met Telfer, Cate, Jane, Nana, Chris, Mendy and Eleanor at a restaurant downtown. Eleanor was visiting from New York and Nana is feeling better and no one was in a hurry and the girls were funny and sweet. Sherry and I fit in an around-the-lake-walk completely last minute on a most beautiful fall afternoon. And then I helped Telfer take the boat out of the water for the season while Eleanor stayed with the girls. Technically, I wasn’t that much help but it was fun to be out on the water together one last time this year. The light was so beautiful.

last tomatoes from our garden.

My favorite thing to do on Sunday afternoons is noodle around in the kitchen for a few hours. I listen to my music (yesterday: Lucinda Williams’ Sweet Old World album on repeat) and just do the food stuff that needs doing. I made the girls lunch, I made Telfer and I roasted cauliflower cheese toast, made a batch of granola, roasted a bunch of nuts for salads, made Cate and Jane and our friend Henny the season’s first madeleines, roasted the last bit of tomatoes from our garden for sauce later this winter, you know, just fiddled around. This time of year I usually make soup or slow cook a pot of cannellini beans (or other white beans) for the week but I didn’t quite have enough time which means I don’t have any actual meals made for the week but I had such a *good* time. Next week applesauce is most definitely on the agenda.

h is for hawk

I finally finished H is for Hawk by Helen Macdonald. I have been reading it since March, since I bought the book in New York and brought it home with me. This is not a book to be read quickly but perhaps not over the course of seven months. A couple of weeks ago I started over. Macdonald writes about the death of her father, her enormous grief and training a goshawk as a way of coping, of working through her grief as well as hawking in the scope of the work and life of T.H. Lawrence (Once and Future King). I overuse the word lovely but H is for Hawk is lovely. Side note: when Jane prays her prayers are peppered with the word “lovely”. As in, “thank you for this lovely day.” Her inflection on the word is so heartfelt and sweet.

I think that was only four things but they feel like five. Have a happy week friends. I won’t use the word I want but you know what I am thinking.

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2 thoughts on “Five Things: Light + Quiet Edition

  1. I love this post so much. And we made the same batch of granola this weekend. And applesauce is on my agenda, too. (But it had better be this week!). I am so glad we’re friends.


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