Happy Sunday

I have cinnamon roll dough rising this morning. The bowls are set near the warmest spot in our house, on the mantle and above the fire, and when they are baked we will take them to a Super Bowl party at Luke & Sherry’s later this afternoon. Sherry is making the chili, I am making the cinnamon rolls. There’s going to be quite a few children (!) so I am making two pans, one with pecans, one without. It’s a beautiful day and the girls are looking forward to playing outside with their friends. This is my first football game of the season and I am not sorry to say that I am looking forward to the halftime show more than the actual game. I am also bringing along several magazines and a few cookbooks for good measure. What’s wrong with me?

persephone books

Heads-up, I have a new collecting passion: Persephone Books based in London. They are beautiful in person. In the last year and a half probably five have come into the store. The first one I resisted and let it sell in its own time (the one that got away). If I took home everything that catches my fancy I would be in real trouble.  If anyone is going to London soon I might hit you up…

Here’s the blurb from the website:
Persephone Books reprints neglected fiction and non-fiction by mid-twentieth century (mostly) women writers. All of our 115 books are intelligent, thought-provoking and beautifully written and are chosen to appeal to busy people wanting titles that are neither too literary nor too commercial. We publish novels, short stories, diaries, memoirs and cookery books; each has an elegant grey jacket, a ‘fabric’ endpaper with matching bookmark, and a preface by writers such as Jilly Cooper, David Kynaston and Elaine Showalter.  

upstairs work at shop

The upstairs remodel at the shop is coming along. I am ready for the construction phase to be over. It’s been so noisy and dusty. This is definitely our slowest time of the year so it has made sense to get this part of it done. The painting and the floors should be finished by the end of the week and then we can move onto the fun part. We are putting in a small kitchen and a long table with chairs. The upstairs will mostly be used as event space – for book clubs and small signings as well as private events. We are hoping to NOT charge groups to use the space with the expectation of gaining a loyal customer base. I am taking the long view here. You can’t quite tell from the photograph but it’s going to look beautiful. More pictures later this week. I have some great before photographs too.

Out of Sorts by Sarah Bessey

I finished Out of Sorts: Making Peace with an Evolving Faith (recommendation from Nancy) about a week ago and I loved. I have so appreciated and desperately needed the voices of Sarah Bessey and Nadia Bolz-Weber in the last few weeks. Bessey’s opening two sentences completely resonate:
“Once upon a time, you had it all beautifully sorted out. Then you didn’t.”

Yes. There’s so much here that’s worth talking about but I am holding onto this one thought at the moment: “No one talked about how the places where we live matter to our spiritual formation, how we are shaped by our communities, our rootedness, our geography, by our families, and by the complex web of connections and history that emerge only by staying.”

Yesterday, we spent a couple of hours at church in the late afternoon saying goodbye to a young family moving to Arizona. This family holds a place in my heart – they have dealt with such loss and grief. I love them. Our imperfect community came together bringing homemade cookies and decaf coffee and lemon water to say goodbye and just to be with one another. The adults chatted and my girls ran up and down the main hallway of the church again and again with all their friends running along next to them. This has to be enough for me right now. For the hope of continued connection and history.

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