An Idaho Thanksgiving

Telfer and I are headed off to Nampa, Idaho for Thanksgiving and the alumni weekend at NNU!  Not only is this Telfer’s first time back to Nampa since we graduated, but Claire (Telfer’s sister) is the freshman homecoming princess this year, and Mendy (Telfer’s mom) is also going to be there, so really we HAD to drive up.  Yes, that’s right, we are driving up…only 15 hours!

We are going to stay with Bob Van Allen (or Bobbie V), the best man in our wedding and real estate extraordinaire (website linked above for perusal), and attempt to cook Thankgiving Dinner together.  Among the hoped-for highlights of the weekend:

  • A decent turkey and pumpkin pie (strangely all up to me).
  • Raptly enjoying the fall play "Anne of Green Gables" with Anna Ganske.
  • Eating Cheddar Veg and Turkey Muffelatas at the Beanery with Anna and Kori.
  • Seeing Claire in a pretty dress/crown/sash.
  • Chatting up our favorite R.D. – Kathy Burns – Telfer and I fell in twitterpation under her watch.
  • Apparently One More Cup has redecorated!
  • The Science/Math Alumni Breakfast (among Bob, Telfer, and Andrea, guess which one doesn’t belong? It’s like the Sesame Street song, "one of these things is not like the other").
  • Basketball Games – Go Crusaders.

We will be busy! And hopefully NNU sweatshirts will be procured! 

PR Day at Loma Linda

Lomalinda Prettydayinlomalinda This week has been the coldest week in Loma Linda since Telfer and I have lived here (3.5 years).  The mountains are absolutely beautiful…yesterday morning Telfer drove around taking a few pictures as proof to some in our family that we do, in fact, have mountains nearby (every time Mom & Dad have visited the mountains are completely covered in smog).

We were joking that there is a very narrow window of opportunity for p.r. people at LLU to take pictures of the surrounding area that reflects Loma Linda in a good light (i.e. 320 days of smog).  Sure enough, yesterday I saw a photographer on campus snapping away – his pictures to end up on glossy brochures and web sites advertising the school.   

Internet Librarian in Monterey

Imgp0112_1 Telfer and I just got back from Monterey – I went to the Internet Librarian conference and he actually got to come with me!  This is literally the first time in 3.5 years that Telfer has been able to go on vacation without textbooks or medical paraphernalia…while I was conferencing, Telfer laid by the pool, brought me lunch, read books, and plugged his Xbox into the hotel t.v. and played his new Halo 2 to his little heart’s content.

My conference was really, really good – just the right blend of new ideas and trends without total information overload.  I am especially interested in RSS, blogging, searching (both engines and techniques) and other techie stuff.  I enjoyed the conference by day and Monterey by night.  Telfer and I went to several good restaurants, including a night out with a couple of my colleagues. 

The drive up Highway 1 to Monterey is simply beautful.  We stopped this time in Cambria to see the town and eat at Robin’s.  Salmon bisque is my new favorite food of all time.  You can click on the "Telfer and Andrea" photo album to see more pictures of our Monterey trip.

Viva Las Vegas

We are off to Las Vegas tomorrow morning until Monday night. Telfer is going to his first conference, the American Society of Anesthesiologists Annual Meeting this weekend. We are staying at the Flamingo, which looks rather 80s ghetto to me, but I am sure we’ll have fun regardless. While Telf is learning and schmoozing, I am going to be poolside (no matter the weather) with a book in my hand. Really, what’s not to like about that?