More than potatoes

Well, look what came over my RSS feeds this morning…an article about Idaho! And not just a potato article – Idaho is becoming more and more known for its tech companies – Micron especially and now Dedicated Devices.

When Telfer and I tell people we went to a college in Idaho, their faces express confusion – they have higher education in Idaho? But I am always a loyal (albeit temporary) Idahoan and say “Idaho is a wonderful place – I think you would be surprised.”

Anyway – I had a good weekend. Telfer played doctor nearly the entire two days, but we did go to the pool yesterday and then to In-N-Out. Very fun.

Beach Pictures

9-6newportI downloaded a few of the pictures we took from the beach this weekend – they are in the new photo album, “Telfer & Andrea.” Kinda random…I like our new camera!

We are having a good, short week thus far. I haven’t seen Telfer since Monday night, so I am going to enjoy spending the evening with him. He is on a medicine rotation at Riverside County Hospital – quite busy. I think we are going to make pesto seafood pasta tonight and watch a couple of episodes of Alias (see Netflix queue). Very, very addicting show!

Cameras and Weekends

Telfer and I bought our first digital camera on Sunday. After much debate we decided to buy a Pentax from Costco. We had been looking at Sony cameras but…I really, really like to buy electronics/computer stuff from Costco. Not only does it justify paying for a Costco membership, but we have had nothing but good experiences – we have bought our laptop, our dvd/cd player, and now a camera from Costco. They take stuff back easily. They don’t try to sell extended warranties or other equipment that I don’t need…

So far we are quite happy with the Pentax (read the description and information provided by We took it to the beach yesterday and had fun playing around with all of the settings. It’s little and cool-looking (Telfer’s requirements) and was decently priced (my requirements).

I am going to install all of the software tonight so hopefully I can post our beach pictures here tomorrow. Telfer worked most of the weekend but had Monday off – we went to Newport Beach and I used sunscreen everywhere but my ears…they are really burned…

Addition to Alyssa and Nate’s Family.

New_babyAlyssa sent an email yesterday with the news that she is pregnant with her second baby! Eden will have a new sister or brother in April. Alyssa and Nate broke the news by having Eden “read” several books with “new baby” in the title, including my favorite, the Bernstein Bears. The announcement of the new baby was under tight wrap, but I managed to weasel the news out of Alyssa a couple of days before she told the whole fam…I just KNEW she was pregnant. Telfer and I are very excited to have another neice or nephew in the family. There are a couple of more pictures in the “Eden” photo album.

Well hello.

Welcome to our blog. The grand purpose for having a blog is still a bit murky…but I have grand visions of this blog being my anti-scrapbook. I cannot imagine me scrapbooking…the thought of stickers and little paper beach umbrellas and old “memories” (i.e. scraps of paper posing as memories) all glued together in an expensive book seems beyond me. But I can imagine spending a lot of time and effort on a blog – including photo albums, links to sites I visit and blogs I like to read, updates on how and what Telfer and I are doing…today I even figured out how to link to our Netflix queue (see sidebar).

As a librarian, I have been reading up/teaching classes on new forms of communication. In the last ten months or so I have learned almost too much about blogs and RSS and the exciting and useful things one may do with this technology.

I have thought about starting a library-related blog, but a personal one seems more fun and do-able at the moment. I chose Typepad over other blogging services like blogger or radiouserland because of its features, word-of-mouth praise, and to be honest, the way Six Apart designs its Typepad service and website.

Telfer and I are going to be purchasing a digital camera this weekend…we are still deciding. When we purchase techie stuff, Telfer chooses primarily on the way it looks (i.e. it must be cool) and I choose on price. We are negotiating and hopefully will meet somewhere in the middle.