Imgp0280Yes, we admit it. Telfer and I are closet The O.C. watchers. Yes, that O.C. – the soap opera teen trauma/drama. For some reason, we really like it. When Claire (Telfer’s sister) found out our secret, she gave us these t-shirts that she and her friends at NNU made. So here we are (Claire’s on her spring break) in our matching t-shirts. Front (California here we come and back (The O.C. rocks our eyebrows – a reference to Peter Gallagher’s amazingly *huge* eyebrows) for your viewing pleasure.

Published by Andrea Y. Griffith

owner of browsers. former librarian. wife. mother to two tweens and the cutest labradoodle in the world.

5 thoughts on “Confession

  1. I am ashamed to know you guys.
    *hides his head*
    Okay, on a extreamly ironc side note, Jenny and I will be in So. Cal April 17-23 and would love to see you guys….
    We should work soemthing out.


  2. A fine confession if you ask me,(though I can’t remember how I originally became hooked). There’s some bashful but proud support from a fellow blue shirt wearer! Claire told me she had a great time visiting you and mentioned the Thursday night ritual. I hope you two are doing well!
    -kylee pearson
    * site recommended by kathy burns


  3. The only thing that would make the O.C. more quality, would be if it fell under the category of “daytime television.”


  4. Hey guys, I know what you mean, The O.C. is a sweet show. i watch when I want to remember about what it was like to be an attractive teenager…oh wait. That’s not realistic whatsoever.
    Telfer, I saw the picture of your sister and thought, “Hm, she looks just like a girl in Covenant that I took photos of for the poster design.” Then it clicked for me, ahhhh. I’m almost completed with the NNU Travel group marketing so I’ll send you a jpeg of Covenant’s when I’m done.
    have a good one. stop by my blog:


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