Telfer can see!

Imgp0288_1This is definitely an example of a picture I would not necessarily post of myself…but obviously I have little qualms of showing off Telfer.

Telfer had laser eye surgery done this morning and has been sitting in a darkened room all afternoon watching "boy" movies (i.e. ones I don’t want to watch).  Telfer has not been able to wear contacts for the last year or so and has not complained (like I would) when sweat causes his glasses to slip down his nose or when he has to choose between losing his glasses in the ocean and basically not seeing the ocean.  So, I am happy to report he will no longer have to contend with slippery glasses and the "do-I-wear-them-or-not" dilemma.

Published by Andrea Y. Griffith

owner of browsers. former librarian. wife. mother to two tweens and the cutest labradoodle in the world.

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