All graduated.

TelfsistersGraduation weekend was truly successful. Not only did Telfer officially become a doctor, but we had such a good time with Telfer’s family (sans Burton & Tracie & Austin – we missed you!) Chris, Mendy, Claire and Eleanor all stayed with us in our house (we were *just* put together enough for it to work). Nana & Papa stayed in a hotel.

A brief, hopefully not too tedious recap:

GradFriday night was the hooding ceremony. Chris "hooded" Telfer – ceremonially gave him the drapey thing that goes down the back of the robe. Right before Telfer had to leave, I managed to iron a series of holes into Telfer’s gown. So helpful.
Saturday was Baccalaureate. Very good service – Telfer’s friend Grant was one of the student speakers. Chris took us to our favorite Thai restaurant, Rama Garden, in Redlands afterward.
Sunday was graduation (8:30 in the morning!). Telfer is now a doctor – very fun. Bekah and Jeff Hall joined us back at our house for brunch and Telfer and I enjoyed having everyone in our home. Monumental, really. To cap off the day, we went to see Star Wars III (I really, really love watching movies like that with Claire and Eleanor – we can laugh collectively at all of the ridiculous parts – ex. "hold me like you did at the lake on Naboo" – and I won’t get into trouble).

So, our weekend was definitely action-packed. Eleanor had to leave for New York on Sunday night while the rest of us went to the beach on Monday and received a nice bit of sun. There are more pictures of graduation in our "2005 photographs" album on the lefthand nav bar.

We are so grateful for our family and friends for the support and love they have given us over the last four years.

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4 thoughts on “All graduated.

  1. It was really great looking at all the pictures. Well done, Dr. Griffith! Now that all the excitement is over, I want to see more “inside the house” pictures.


  2. Telfer and Andrea,
    Your house is coming along beautifully! Its hard to believe the transformation has happened so quickly. Thanks for all the fun and friendship over the last four years. We wish you the very best in the next four years.
    P.S. check out our new blog. Its at
    Your friends,
    David and Susanna


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