Henry at home

Henry on the prowl
Originally uploaded by telfandrea.

Henry is settling in very nicely to his new house. We are impressed at how good he is at adapting to new things. He doesn’t cry anymore at night, he has been (potty)accident free for three days now, he has gone to work with me and charmed the socks of everyone, he loves chasing water bottles, and is just a happy little dog. I am, not surprisingly, totally smitten.

Published by Andrea Y. Griffith

owner of browsers. former librarian. wife. mother to two tweens and the cutest labradoodle in the world.

2 thoughts on “Henry at home

  1. Hello and welcome to the Griffith family Henry! I wish you had come a few weeks earlier so I could have met you. Andrea and Telfer- he has personality! Love you all.


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