Bathroom Update

Floor and wall I
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Well, I have been too depressed (and tired and cranky) to post. As of Sunday night, this is what our bathroom looked like. We were hardcore homeowners over the weekend. I tore up the linoleum on Friday night (Telfer conveniently had to work late….) and on Saturday we finished the demolition, primed the whole bathroom and laid the tile.

On Sunday I painted and had a minor accident involving the one hole in the bathroom floor and an errant stool leg…my left leg and foot is a bruised sight to behold but I managed to hold the cup of paint and brush aloft during the episode. Always the picture of grace and coordination. Telfer hung the beadboard (corners and chair rail are NOT DONE so don’t look too closely). After I worked in the afternoon and Telfer watched the Super Bowl, we came home to finish the beadboard and grout the floor. Classically, we ran out of grout near the door at 11:00 (after Lowe’s had closed). When we fell into bed at 1:00 a.m. we were tired, but so happy that we finished everything in time for the plumber to come on Monday and install the sink, toilet and tub….

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